Communitywide Sustainability Assessment Needs Everyone’s Help

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February 3, 2015, by Lisa LaRocque (Sustainability Officer, City of Las Cruces) via email from David Boje, Professor, Management Department

The City of Las Cruces and more than 60 students from NMSU’s College of Business and College of Health and Social Services, are working together on a comprehensive assessment of sustainability practices in the Las Cruces community using the STAR Communities Rating System.

For the next eight months, students will be reaching out to government, academia, businesses, and nonprofits to capture their outcomes and actions in supporting a healthy environment, a strong economy and the well-being of the people living in the community. The City and NMSU encourage everyone to assist these researchers in this important work. The baseline, successes, and gaps will help the Las Cruces community chart a clear path toward a sustainable future.

The STAR Communities Rating System is the nation’s first comprehensive framework and certification program for evaluating local sustainability, encompassing economic, environmental and social performance measures. The STAR framework helps communities assess their efforts in seven key goal areas describing 44 objectives and over 526 measurable indicators.

Communities collect data to detail their achievements, submit their application for review and receive award rating based upon a total cumulative score of points achieved.

For more information or to offer assistance, contact the City of Las Cruces Sustainability Officer, Lisa LaRocque at 575/541-2177.

The table below describes the goals and objectives covered in the rating system:

STAR Table

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