ConocoPhillips makes charitable contributions to colleges of Business and Engineering

November 23, 2009 by Anthony Reyes NMSU NewsCenter

ConocoPhillips recently made a combined donation of $22,500 to the New Mexico State University Colleges of Business and Engineering.

The donation is just one of the many ConocoPhillips has made during its 24 years of consecutively giving to NMSU. ConocoPhillips delivered the check during a reception with the faculty and deans. The donation took place the week of the career fair, where they have been a popular destination for NMSU graduates.

“As we look to our recruiting efforts at NMSU, we have consistently hired students from NMSU’s Colleges of Business and Engineering,” said Maria Schick, a ConocoPhillips recruiter and director of commercial development and planning. “We recognize that NMSU cannot continue to provide high caliber graduates and a dedicated staff without corporate sponsorship; therefore, we make contributions to universities to keep their programs improving to meet the needs of today’s business world.”

Schick is just one of many former NMSU students now working for ConocoPhillips.

The College of Engineering will use their portion to support scholarships for students interested in pursuing careers in the oil and gas industry. The College of Business uses the money to support various departments. The Department of Finance uses a portion of its allocation to offer scholarships to some of its top finance students. The remainder is used to fund a wide variety of departmental needs, including specialized software and data for faculty and students to use and funding for the department’s student organizations.

“We believe that our students ultimately benefit from all the expenditures. The research that our faculty conducts allow them to bring new expertise in the classroom and provide research learning opportunities to graduate students,” said Liz Ellis, head of the Department of Finance. “This research also enables us to maintain our Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business – International accreditation which makes the students’ degrees from the NMSU College of Business more valuable.”

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