Dec. 15-16: 6th International Quantum Storytelling Conference

November 30, 2016, by Grace Ann Rosile, Professor, Department of Management, via email

What. 6th International Quantum Storytelling Conference
When. December 15-16, 2016
Where. New Mexico State University Corbett Center Aggie Lounge, Las Cruces, NM
RSVP by Dec 5, 2016 to

We have obtained a grant from the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative and so we are again able to offer this conference at almost no charge.

  • Students and community members: FREE
  • Full-time faculty: $20 (payable on site but PLEASE RSVP in advance!)
To register. Send a 2-page abstract or a statement about your interests if you prefer not to present, with your registration fee (if applicable) to either:

Lodging. Lundeen’s Inn of the Arts
618 S. Alameda Blvd., Las Cruces, NM 88005
Phone: (575) 526-3326
Toll frree: 1-888-526-3326
Fax: (575) 647-1334

Artwork by Virginia Maria Romero.

Artwork by Virginia Maria Romero.

Ethics, Entrepreneurship,
and Quantum Indigenous Storytelling

Find out why David Boje says indigenous story is quantum “living story.” Find out how indigenous women entrepreneurs are DIFFERENT and indigenous leadership is HETERARCHICAL.

Featuring special guest indigenous scholars, including:

  • Cora Voyageur (Prof. of Sociology, University of Calgary): Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs
  • Brian Calliou (Program Director, Indigenous Leadership and Management; Banff Centre): Ethics and Indigenous Leadership
  • Don Pepion and Joe Gladstone (NMSU): Blackfeet Leadership
  • Greg Cajete (UNM): Indigenous Community
  • Lisa Grayshield (NMSU) IWOK: Seven Directions in Song

Exemplary practice featured speakers:

  • Monica Jojola. Entrepreneurship Award 2016, National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development
  • Ron Solimon. Director, Center for Lifelong Learning, Institute of American Indian Arts

Boje’s Quantum Storytelling fosters Ethical Entrepreneurship and Ethical Business because it can:

  • Connect the here-and-now with the future and/or the past;
  • Retrieve fragments of the heart stuck in the past, or fragments of the mind stuck in the future;
  • Include “externalized,” overlooked, devalued, or marginalized perspectives;
  • Care, making “caring capitalism” (capitalism with a heart) possible and almost inevitable.

Grace Ann Rosile, David M. Boje, and Carma Claw Nez will present Ensemble Leadership Theory (ELT) as collectivist, relational, dynamic, heterarchical.

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