FIN Student Information

Permitted Calculators. For exams in Finance courses where a financial calculator is permitted, any of the calculators listed below will be allowed. They are acceptable in any class where Finance Department faculty allow calculators. Students will not be allowed to use calculators embedded in other electronic devices such as mobile phones or iPod devices. Please note that instructors may refuse to allow the use of calculators if they so choose. If you have questions, please contact the Finance Department Head.
Permitted Calculators (as of March 15, 2010):

All other calculators are prohibited.

Reference Letter Requests. Give your letter-writers:

  • Three weeks to write the letter before it’s due. Allow them time to do a good job.
  • A written list of criteria related to the job, scholarship, or other opportunity for which you are applying, along with specific personal attributes and experiences that help you satisfy the criteria.
Some faculty will ask you to use the form below and/or require specific supporting information:

Note: Reference letter content adapted from a webpage no longer available located on the Environmental Studies Department at College of Saint Benedict, St. John’s University website. Accessed February 1, 2012