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COB Webmaster
Email: cob-it@nmsu.edu

COB Social Media

Contact: Anthony Casaus, Assist. Dean-Development

Search Tips

Search a webpage or PDF:

  1. Hold down Ctrl+f.
  2. Type the word(s) in the search box that appears.
  3. Use Enter to go down the page.

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com

Google Search Tips

COB Website Services

Web user training
Webpage editing. Note: Some knowledge of HTML is required.

Admin/departmental/program webpages
Webpage edits and updates.
Webpage content coordination, placement, sitemaps.
Coordinate hardcopy documents and web content (recruitment brochures, degree webpages)
Create and design templates and forms.
Provide Google Analytics reports.
Website reviews:

  • Annually in early January: Review all webpages; update or notify people of pages needing updates.
  • Periodically: Review/update throughout the year.

Promote faculty, staff, students, programs, alumni
COB homepage under Announcements and News; department, program, profile pages.
Create news items from email content (+ pictures/video if available).
Theater images, videos. Note: Please provide caption info; e.g., event, name(s), date + 1-2 sentences.
Awards & Honors. Examples: Chairs/Professorships, Outstanding Graduates, Hall of Fame.

NMSU/COB image archive available. Contact me if you need pictures.
Process/upload. Note: Please provide caption info; e.g., event, name(s), date + 1-2 sentences.

Profile pages
Create/update official profile pages.
Vita: Can be included as a PDF. Remember to provide updated versions.

Conversion to PDF; upload.
Editing support: Administrative documents. Examples: Bylaws, process manual, strategic plan, annual report.

COB YouTube, videos
COB YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/nmsubusinesscollege.
Upload videos to COB YouTube channel.
Video conversion for YouTube.
Embed videos in webpages; theater videos at top of page.

Non-COB Websites

Personal websites. Visit WordPress.NMSU.Edu, an ICT web hosting service provided free to anyone with a myNMSU account.

Student organization websites. Student organizations may get a WordPress website through NMSU. [Example: AITP.]
Faculty advisors:

  • Plan ahead with your students about why the organization needs the site and its content, function, audience, and upkeep.
  • You should be an administrator for the website along with the student(s) who will run the site.
  • You will need the password and access to the site so you can give it to the upcoming student officer who will update and maintain the site.
  • You will also have access to the photos (media library), etc.

Request a new student organization website:

  1. Go to http://systems.nmsu.edu.
  2. Click on “Requests” and then “Enterprise WordPress Account.”
  3. Fill out the form requesting webspace and WordPress.
  4. They’ll take care of everything and will get back in touch with you.

When you hear back from systems.nmsu.edu and have access to the new site, go to your old site and view it on your browser. Note: Old websites can’t be directly imported into the new site.


  1. Copy any text you want to use from the old site.
  2. Paste it (using the “Text” view, not the “Visual” view) into the new site. The “Text” view may help strip out any invisible extraneous code that could come with copying the text on the old site.


  1. Right click on a photo.
  2. Select “Save image as.”
  3. Save it where students running the site will have access to photos.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! When you are done and don’t need your old website PLEASE notify our BC Computer Lab so they can take it off the server. Their contact and location info is at http://business.nmsu.edu/departments/bc-computer-lab.