VanLeeuwen, Dawn (ASTAT)

Dawn VanLeeuwenDepartment(s)

Economics, Applied Statistics & International Business Department
Master of Science in Applied Statistics


Work Phone: 575.646.7691
Fax: 575.646.1915
Building and Room Number: GU 209

About Dawn VanLeeuwen

PhD. Oregon State University.
Teaching interests: Statistics, mixed linear models, and generalized linear models.
Research interests: Additionally include general statistical consulting. A 60% appointment with the Agricultural Experiment Station results in a wide-range of projects with Dr. VanLeeuwen in the role of statistical collaborator.

Recent Research Projects/Publications

VanLeeuwen, D., You, Z., Leinauer, B. (2013). Analyzing Partially Nested Designs with Irregular Nesting: A Cautionary Case Study. Agronomy Journal, 105(5), 1298-1306.


Contreras-Govea, F., VanLeeuwen, D., Angadi, S., Marsalis, M. A. (2013). Enhances in Crude Protein and Effects on Fermentation Profile of Corn and Forage Sorghum Silage with Addition of Cowpea. Forage and Grazinglands, 7 p.

Al Kofahi, S., VanLeeuwen, D., Samani, Z. A., St. Hilaire, R. (2012). Water Budget Calculator Created for Residential Urban Landscapes in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, 138, 525-533.

Archuleta, M., VanLeeuwen, D., Halderson, K., Jackson, K., Bock, M. A., Eastman, W., Powell, J., Titone, M., Marr, C., Wells, L. (2012). Cooking schools improve nutrient intake patterns of people with Type 2 diabetes. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 44(4), 319-325.

Zhou, Y., Falk, C. L., VanLeeuwen, D. (2012). Retail Demand for Natural Dye Plants and Dye Products: A Conjoint Analysis. Journal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing, 24, 66-75.

Potter, M. T., Heerema, R. J., Schroeder, J., Ashigh, J., VanLeeuwen, D., Fiore, C. (2012). Mature pecan orchard floor vegetation management: Impacts on tree water status, nutrient content and nut production. HortScience, 47(6), 727-732.

Montanez, M., Devall, E., VanLeeuwen, D. (2010). Social capital: Strengthening Mexican-American families through parenting education. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, 102(3), 27-33.

Mandabach, K. H., Siddiqui, M. A., Blanch, G. F., VanLeeuwen, D. (2011). Restaurant viability: Operations rating of contributing success factors. Journal of Culinary Science & Technology, 9(2), 71-84.

Mulliniks, J. T., Cox, S., Kemp, M. E., Endecott, R., Waterman, R., VanLeeuwen, D., Torell, A., Petersen, M. (2011). Protein and glucogenic precursor supplementation: A nutritional strategy to increase reproductive and economic output. Journal of Animal Science, 89, 3334-3343.