Flinchbaugh, Carol

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Management Department


Associate Professor
Faculty Advisor: Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Email: cflinch@nmsu.edu
Work Phone: 575.646-5764
Fax: 575.646.1372
Building and Room Number: GU 213

About Carol Flinchbaugh

Ph.D.: University of Kansas
MBA: Indiana University
B.A.: Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Research interests: Human resource management, Employee well-being, Positive organizational scholarship, Organizational behavior

Academic Area: Human Resources and Organizational Behavior

Teaching Interests

  • Intro/survey courses human resource management (undergraduate)
  • Contemporary issues in HRM (undergraduate)
  • Staffing and recruitment (undergraduate)

Research Interests

  • Strategic human resource management
  • Workplace job demands and stress
  • Employee and student psychological resources

Current Activities

In addition to her teaching role, Dr. Flinchbaugh has several ongoing research projects focusing on the topics of employee responses to workplace demands, HR systems in the non-profit setting, and understanding generational differences in the workplace. She is advisor to the NMSU student SHRM Chapter.


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