Hampton, Gerald

Gerald M. Hampton

On August 8, 2014, Dr. Gerald Hampton, a beloved member of our Marketing Department for more than two decades, died unexpectedly.

In celebration of Jerry’s life, here is a brief summary of his accomplishments at NMSU and our collective memories of him published in the NMSU Business Outlook: August 2014:
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A Celebration of Life: Dr. Gerald Hampton, Professor of Marketing

All of us who have gone through a doctoral degree know the decision to enter a Ph.D. program should not be taken lightly. Part of one’s success is a mixture of intellect, perseverance, and some amount of luck. To a greater or lesser extent, the luck part of the equation depends on the faculty that a student works with. Jerry was a great Department Head, and even more important a great friend. He truly cared about the state of not only the Department, but the college and university as a whole. He went out of his way to personally confront any issues and make the best professional decision. I went on several trips with Jerry and enjoyed getting to know him as a person. Great person, and will be missed! — Pat Gavin, Department Head of Marketing, NMSU