You, Yanfen (Cindy)


Marketing Department


Assistant Professor
Work Phone: 575-646-2398
Building and Room Number: Guthrie Hall 309


Ph.D., Marketing, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2014-2018

Research Interests

Linguistic framing, action orientation and (im)patience, technology, creativity, self and social identity, interpersonal relationships.

Selected Publications

You, Yanfen, Xiaojing Yang, Lili Wang, and Xiaoyan Deng (forthcoming), “When and Why Saying
‘Thank You’ Is Better Than Saying ‘Sorry’ in Redressing Service Failures: The Role of Self-esteem,” Journal of Marketing.

Fei, Xianzheng*, YanfenYou* (equal authorship), and Xiaojing Yang (forthcoming), “‘We’ Are
Different: Exploring the Diverse Effects of Friend and Family Accessibility on Consumers’ Product Preferences,” Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Wang, Lili, Yanfen You, and ChunMing Yang (forthcoming), “Restrained by Resources: The Joint Effect
of Scarcity Cues and Childhood Socioeconomic Status (SES) on Consumer Preference for Feasibility,” International Journal of Research in Marketing.