Zhu, Jianjun (John)


Marketing Department


Assistant Professor
Email: johnzhu1@nmsu.edu
Work Phone: 575-646-2414
Building and Room Number: Guthrie Hall 312





Ph.D. Marketing                                                    The University of Iowa                    


research Interests

·         Artificial intelligence, machine learning, text mining application in marketing research

·         Data security, data breach

·         Mobile app security, mobile marketing,

·         Blockchain, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, sharing economy, and new e-business model

·         Social media, user generated contents, social network

·         Business ethics, corporate social responsibility

·         Marketing and innovation strategy in emerging markets

·         Inter-organizational collaboration and firm performance

·         Brand management, Service-profit chain



1.       “Does Feedback Matter For Quality Ideas? A Study of Feedback Source and Characteristics in Altering the Impact of Customer Ideation” with Kimmy W Chan, Stella Y Li, and Jian Ni, forthcoming at Production and Operations Management                                                                                  (UTD Top 24 Journal)

2.       “Online Critical Review Classification in Improving Response Strategy and Hotel Rating: Algorithms from Heuristic Processing, Sentiment Analysis to Deep Learning”, with Yung-Chun Chang, Chih-Hao Ku, Stella Yiyan Li, and Chi-Jen Chen, forthcoming at Journal of Business Research

3.       “Mindfulness in Ethical Consumption: The Mediating Roles of Connectedness to Nature and Self-control”, with Stella Yiyan Li, Liyuan Wei, and Xiaohua Zeng, forthcoming at International Marketing Review

4.       Unfolding China’s State-owned Corporate Empires and Mitigating Agency Hazards: Effects of Foreign Investments and Innovativeness (2019), with Caleb Tse, and Xu Li, Journal of World Business, 54(3), 191-212.

5.       External Firm-GSI And Firm-Firm Networks, Internal R&D, And Firm Innovativeness: Study in An Emerging Economy (2018), with Mariana Andrade, and Edgar Ramirez, Research Policy, 47(6),1111-24.          (FT Top 50 Journal)

6.       Novel Might Not Be Enough: Mediation by Idea Feasibility in a Path of Least Resistance Model for Idea Implementation in Crowdsourcing (2018), with Kimmy W Chan, Stella Y Li, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 43 (1), 52-68.

7.       Effects of online consumer reviews on firm-based and expert-based communications (2018), with David Tse and Qiang Fei, Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing,12(1), 45-78.

8.       Ideator Expertise and Cocreator Inputs in Crowdsourcing‐Based New Product Development, (2017), with Stella Yiyan Li and Michelle Andrews, Journal of Product Innovation Management, 34 (5), 598-616. Best Paper Award for the special issue of Innovation in Data-Rich Environments.

9.       A Multi-Mechanism Learning-By-Exporting Model: Analysis of Export Induced Productivity Gains in Chinese Firms (2017), with Caleb Tse and Linhui Yu, Journal of Management, 43 (7), 2118-2146.      (FT Top 50 Journal)                                                                                                     

10.   A Meta-Analysis of Correlations between Market Share and Other Brand Performance Metrics in FMCG Markets (2016), with SungUk Jung and Thomas Gruca, Journal of Business Research, 69 (12), 5901-5908.

11.   Fostering Customer Ideation in Crowdsourcing Community: The Role of Peer-to-Peer and Peer-to-Firm Interactions, (2015), with Kimmy W Chan and Stella Y Li, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 31 (1), 42-62.

12.   Global Innovation Generation and Financial Performance in Business-to-Business Relationships: The Case of Cross-border Alliances in The Pharmaceutical Industry, (2011), with K. Sivakumar, Subroto Roy, & Sangphet Hanvanich, Journal of The Academy of Marketing Science, 39 (5), 757-776.  (FT Top 50 Journal)