E-newsletter is new resource for the New Mexico business community

Nov. 5, 2003 by Jeany Llorente NMSU News Center

The business community across New Mexico has a new resource to turn to for the latest on New Mexico’s economic health. New Mexico State University’s College of Business Administration and Economics launched the New Mexico Business Outlook, an e-newsletter, earlier this month.

“We are trying to provide a resource for people and let them know about ongoing research at the university that we think will be useful to them,” said Christopher Erickson, the content editor and forecaster of the newsletter. “Our goal is to organize it in a way that is quick and easy to use. People will be able to get a little bit of information at a glance and then if they want more they can click to an in-depth article.”

Every month, the New Mexico Business Outlook will feature articles on the latest business news and on a quarterly basis the newsletter will contain a forecast of the economy.

Erickson, an associate professor of economics at NMSU, has been forecasting the New Mexico economy for 16 years. Prior to that, he was forecasting Arizona’s economy.

The newsletter will be distributed through the mailing lists of the Association of Commerce and Industry (ACI) of New Mexico, the New Mexico Automotive Dealers Association (NMADA) and the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association (NMOGA).

“As the statewide chamber of commerce, ACI is delighted to provide up-to-date economic and business data to its members, and we think New Mexico State University — one of the state’s leading research institutions — will be an excellent partner to help us communicate with our members and educate our members on the latest economic data and conditions,” said John Carey, president of ACI.

ACI has about 1,200 member companies that represent more than 100,000 employees.

“From the oil and gas industry standpoint, this is an opportunity to have easy access to important business indicators concerning the economic health of the state,” said Robert M. Gallagher, president of NMOGA.

NMOGA has 300 member companies in the oil and gas industry.

“The members of the NMADA are always interested in finding ways to partner with universities to further their goals and to enhance the economic development of New Mexico,” said Charles Henson, president of NMADA. “We hope that by helping New Mexico State University in the distribution of this newsletter we will open new doors for the efforts of New Mexico State.”

NMADA has 130 new car member dealerships statewide.

The newsletter is free and open to anyone who wishes to receive a copy.

For more information on the New Mexico Business Outlook, contact Erickson at (505) 646-5715 or at chrerick@nmsu.edu.

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