Expanding Diversity Through Risk Management and Insurance Education

Winter 2010. Retrieved online: February 9, 2010 from Tim Query, Racing Towards Diversity

Excerpts from page 26

…About five years ago, visionaries from new Mexico State University and the insurance industry in New Mexico initiated discussion on developing a Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) studies program at NMSU. Most RMI programs at the time were in the Southeast and Northeast areas of the United States, with none located in the Mountain States region. After some major funding from early supporters, including a $1 million endowment provided by the Mountain States Insurance Group, New Mexico State University began offering a minor in risk management and insurance in 2006.

In addition to an endowed chair, the initial funding established the Insurance and Financial Services Center at NMSU. Al Berryman is the director of the center, and has 30 years experience in the insurance industry…. The IFSC facilitates interaction between students and the industry primarily through scholarships and internship programs….

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