Faculty-Led International Programs (FLiP) Office Established

September 7, 2012 by Kimberly Altamirano, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

The Office of International and Border Programs, through its Office of Study Abroad (OSA), is happy to unveil its Faculty-Led International Programs (FLiP) Office to help NMSU faculty develop educational opportunities abroad. Cornell Menking, NMSU’s new Associate Provost for International and Border Programs, and Kristian Chervenock, NMSU’s Director of Study Abroad, both feel that these types of programs offer the best opportunities to expand our students’ learning opportunities abroad.

Faculty personally taking groups of students abroad, while simultaneously teaching a course, is one of the best ways for students to study abroad without interrupting their regular semester courses on campus. These courses allow students a unique opportunity to travel and study internationally, in a mobile classroom setting, at the lowest possible cost. All FLiP courses are unique to NMSU and are born out of the professor’s academic interest, and can even be coordinated around projects of need in the host country. For faculty members, the cost of leading a FLiP course can be minimal to none since travel, accommodations and food can be covered through program fees.

The FLiP office has experienced staff to help faculty members set up their own short-term, study abroad course developed and instructed by you. The idea is to take the logistical burden off of the professor, leaving more time for them to focus on the academic content. FLiP Coordinators will guide faculty step-by-step through this process, including:

  • Providing a standardized procedure for course proposal and approval in your department
  • Helping you choose a destination that best suits your course
  • Assisting you with academic resources, information and course development needs
  • Guiding the development process for your course budget
  • Arranging in-country course logistics
  • Administering the course for you and your students with student account billing, health insurance, and travel and safety orientation
  • Advertising the course campus-wide and beyond

Students that participate in FLiP courses earn NMSU credit while studying abroad with their classmates. The cost associated with each course varies; students can use federal financial aid, student loans, and NMSU scholarships toward the cost of the course.

Virtually any course at NMSU can be facilitated in an international setting. Faculty led international courses have already been led through many NMSU colleges and departments including:

  • International Business
  • Languages and Linguistics
  • Art
  • Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology
  • Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management
  • <Anthropology/li>
  • Geography
  • Human Performance, Dance and Recreation
  • Agricultural Extension and Education
  • Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science

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