BBRS Proposal Preparation

Steps for the Principal Investigator

Submission of final proposal to the Office of Grants and Contracts must occur at least 8 working days prior to the deadline for proposals.

  1. Submit Proposal Information Sheet.Download:

  2. PI develops budget using template and may request meeting with BBRS for review. The budget must consider indirect cost (F&A) guidelines, cost share (if any, is it required or voluntary?). If the latter, a waiver is required to be approved by the Dean and the Vice President for Research prior to submission. If including tuition costs for students, refer to NMSU’s tuition rates. Download:

  3. PI develops proposal that clarifies important deadlines, deliverables, subcontractors or professional service consultants (link to provided pdf), etc. Download:

  4. PI completes the Proposal Submission Form in ARGIS.

  5. An ARGIS number will be assigned to the submission from which credit will be populated in Digital Measures.


myNMSU Research Tab

Access to several useful links can be found through the Research tab on your mynmsu account.

For example, there are links to the

  • Grants and Research Information Database (GRID),

  • information on graduate student salaries,

  • current fringe rates,

  • overhead rates, etc.

    • For multi-year projects, it is important to recognize that the latter monetary rates can change, but cannot be estimated in your application.

The research tab also provides links to compliance resources such as the

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB),

  • CITI training 

  • The IRB Maestro tool for approvals