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Eileen Hogan

Eileen Hogan

Interim Dean
Dean's Office
Office room: BC 127

Eileen earned her doctorate in Business from UC Berkeley, and has enjoyed a long career publishing and teaching in a variety of business schools.  After serving as Dean of Business at Kutztown University of EillenPennsylvania, she stepped back to faculty to assist the college as Accreditation Coordinator in their effort to obtain initial AACSB accreditation.  That goal was achieved in 2016, and she retired that year.

Since then, she has discovered that retirement itself can be challenging, and has taken on two interim dean assignments through the Registry.  During 2017-18 she served as Interim Dean at Black Hills State University, helping them with their first Continuous Improvement Review (CIR) self-study report.  In 2019-2020 she worked as Interim Dean at Northern Arizona University, leading the college through their response to issues raised their CIR2 reaffirmation effort.  Both endeavors were successful.  When not serving as Interim Dean, she has helped several colleges of business deal with AACSB and assessment issues as a consultant.

Eileen brings to NMSU extensive expertise in AACSB-related matters, successful leadership experience, and a background in a wide variety of institutions.

NMSU is of particular interest to Eileen because, coming from a family where her father had an eighth-grade education and her mom stayed home to raise the family, she relates strongly to its values and its mission of, among other things, creating the opportunity for upward social mobility.