Funding dedicated to scholarships at New Mexico State University

April 27, 2010 by Audry Olmsted NMSU NewsCenter

Fewer incoming freshmen at New Mexico State University will have to worry this fall about money, thanks to a commitment of funding for more scholarships.

“We are really pleased because this is going to allow us to fund up to 300 more students than we would have been able to,” said Carmen Gonzales, vice president for Student Success. “This is benefiting the students, and it is benefiting NMSU.”

Gonzales said NMSU President Barbara Couture dedicated $500,000 in support of scholarships in an effort to recruit and retain high-achieving students.

“Funding for scholarships is one of our top priorities so that we can help students achieve their educational goals and pursue a university degree,” said Couture. “New Mexico State University is committed to offering a strong scholarship program to help keep education even more affordable for many deserving students.”

Gonzales said a positive aspect of these scholarships is that they will be able to recruit more students from Doña Ana County, who make up the majority of the student population at NMSU. They are also meeting their “Living the Vision” goals by attracting well-qualified students and retaining them through graduation and by having high-quality, diverse students at all academic levels.

The New Mexico students awarded these scholarships have GPA scores of at least 3.5 as well as high ACT scores. Research shows that about 85 percent of students with ACT scores of 26 and above are retained for a second year at NMSU.

Gonzales said more than 260 students who applied for scholarships in March but were not funded now have the monies they need to get started at the university. She said the university’s top priority is to award the honorees of the National Merit Scholarship and then funnel the rest of the money to students who received the High Achiever Leadership Scholarship and the Honors Excel Scholarship.

Approximately 65 percent of all 2,545 incoming freshmen are on some type of scholarship for the fall semester.

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