iafrica: Why am I not losing?

June 4, 2009. Retrieved online June 4, 2009 from Molly Lyons, Shape Magazine, iafrica.com

Despite pulling out all the stops — trading junk food for wholesome snacks, making your own meals, and regular kickboxing classes — you still struggle to shed those last few kilograms.

Don’t assume that means you can’t reach your goal no matter what you do. Experts say that in many cases, the smartest-sounding diet strategies can actually work against you.

Fortunately, if you adjust your approach to these healthy behaviours, you can move the scale in the right direction.

“People tend to eat more when they’re in pleasant surroundings, such as at a restaurant or dinner party,” says assistant professor of marketing, Collin Payne. “Socialising serves as a distraction, making it hard to monitor what’s on your plate.”

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