KRWG News: 2013 Domenici Conference Interviews: Lowell Catlett


Published on Sep 20, 2013

(LAS CRUCES) — Dr. Lowell Catlett is the Dean of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at NMSU. An Aggie in the truest sense, he knows how complex agriculture is. He knows it has evolved so that less than two million people can work all the farms and ranches in the United States.

“They understand if you don’t treat soil…animals…well, then it’s not gonna be there next year. They have a long view of things.”

He may understand that industry, but he doesn’t have to understand how his cell phone works to use it anymore than you or I need to know agriculture works to drink a glass of milk.

“All of us are ignorant about certain things. I am happy to not understand at all how my cell phone works.”

Industries like agriculture are now geared towards improvements, not revolutions. The auto industry is another example.

“For most of us, we just want the thing to start and get us to work…for many technologies, there’s always the people that are pushing it.”

He may not know how his cell phone works, but some of the changing technology still grabs his attention.

“Why don’t we change the lens…then I can do a blood test for you…individual diagnostics for medicine on it…and I might want that.”

He’s without a doubt, an optimist.

“So you read history…get a broad sense of ‘it’s okay. We’re somehow gonna get through this.”

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