KRWG News: 2013 Domenici Conference: Joshua Cooper Ramo on China


Published on Sep 23, 2013

(LAS CRUCES) — Raised near Albuquerque, Joshua Cooper Ramo made his way back to New Mexico for the 2013 Domenici Conference.

He was in town after being on a plane from China for about 13 hours.

“It’s a whole society that runs on relationships, essentially…discovering that just because you’ve met somebody once or twice, doesn’t mean you’re friends…takes a much longer time to get to know people,” said Ramo.

China is where he’s placed his focus for the last decade — after working as the foreign editor of Time magazine.

“I loved being in journalism but…wanted the chance…to go a little bit deeper…. China was an obvious choice. This was in 2001 — 2002. What I didn’t anticipate was being there would really change the way I thought about the world…strengthen my American values…also has given me a tremendous appreciation for the complexity of what that country is facing.”

Ramo left journalism just as the web was changing everything. He doesn’t think that’s a bad thing, but it might change the skills today’s journalists need.

“We’re at a period of real renaissance in the media business as the internet comes online…whole new platforms are going to have to be built…it changes the logic, so in my day…you wanted to be the best at something…today I think the real skill is going to be to build those platforms.”

Ramo wrote the 2004 book “The Beijing Consensus” and has advocated increasing ties between the U.S. and China.

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