KRWG News: Borderplex Initiative


Published on Jan 29, 2013

1.29.13 (LAS CRUCES) New Mexico’s former governor and business leaders from El Paso hope to create a marketable region called “The Borderplex.” The group said it will announce an executive director in March.

The light brown mountains look the same from a distance — Juarez , El Paso and Las Cruces.

Former New Mexico Gov. Garrey Caruthers says the cities have a lot more in common. He wants to see them marketed to outsiders as “The Borderplex.”

“Economic development, business development needs to be driven by the private sector…the concept was we have so many economic resources in this area, we need to pull together,” said Gov. Carruthers, who is also the Dean of the College of Business at NMSU.

“…we need to invest as a private sector, but it needs to be regional. It needs to include Juarez, Las Cruces, El Paso Alamagordo maybe,” said the former governor.

The Borderplex idea stemmed from a report to El Paso officials. A new outlook report was published by UTEP for 2012-2014.

El Paso companies RedCo and Paso del Norte are also in on the project.

There are some challenges for the project.

“Clearly the way business is practiced in Mexico is different than in Texas and New Mexico.”

The former governor says the regions share a significant challenge — a competitive workforce.

“That workforce needs to be improved. That’s a Juarez issue…that’s an El Paso issue…that’s a Las Cruces issue…that’s something we can work together on.”

Chris Erickson, Economics professor at NMSU says the states benefit from factories in Mexico.

“So take for example Foxconn…the consequence of that is we’ve benefited from the factories in Mexico.”

Sloan Patton reported.

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