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Published on May 3, 2012 by KRWGnews

05.07.12 (LAS CRUCES) — Future business leaders are making a plan, which they hope will take them from the college campus and into the workforce. Students hope their efforts will someday improve the economy.

During these tough economic times, college students at New Mexico State University are finding ways to secure their future.

“I think every big business was a small business at some point and its important for people to have the courage to try and start a business and the chance of failure is high but the rewards for success are even higher,” said Brittain Catron.

The College Entrepreneurs Organization or C.E.O. is a group with more than 240 chapters worldwide. It gives students the skills to create job opportunities.

“We’re all part of Arrowhead Center and it helps a lot here because we find out you know, where to go to do your research, what’s the standard business plan, how can you get funding,” said Catron.

Since many students are finding it difficult to look for jobs in their respected field, leaders with the group say C.E.O. opens the door to other opportunities in which they can still use their skills.

“When you’re not finding a good number of jobs, like everybody is thinking on the lines of setting up their own business and give employment opportunity so its definitely kicking up and there’s a many incentives available from the government so they can take, they can use those incentives,” said NMSU student Shanta Thoutam.

The group is working to create a network with local and regional business owners. Members work on business ideas and team up to improve their business plans.

“They can learn about, if they have good plans, business plans, whether it’s a bad idea, good idea, they could turn that idea, good business and if they have interest in entrepreneurship, they help them in getting them to that point,” she said.

Reported by Carlos Correa

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