KRWG News: Centennial Celebrations


Uploaded by KRWGnews on Dec 23, 2011. 12.26.11 (LAS CRUCES) — Many people around the state are preparing to help celebrate New Mexico’s centennial.

Music continues to have a big role in the history of New Mexico.

“Music is part of the heritage. Music, cuisine, history, family are all important elements,” said Cameron Saffell, curator of history for the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum, the site of an 11 month exhibit commemorating the state’s 100th birthday.

“New Mexico is a historical land of extreme diversity,” he said.

Musicians, singers, artists, photographers, and writers are among the talented people contributing to New Mexico’s colorful image.

“There’s something about New Mexico that inspires them to draw or to paint or to write and it has been a magnet for bringing in a number of artist from different parts of the country who come here and are inspired and some of them chose to settle here in Santa Fe or Taos or other parts of the state to do their craft,” he said.

Historians say it was a long journey for New Mexico to become a state, but its come a long way in its first one hundred years.

“It took many decades and participation in the Spanish American War and things like that to really turn people’s ideas of what New Mexico really is,” he said.

Reported by Carlos Correa

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