KRWG News: Federal Reserve, Business Leaders Talk Economics With KRWG


Published on Oct 22, 2013


Members of the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas were in Las Cruces to talk about our region’s economics.

Mark Wynn of the Federal Reserve, in his own opinion, says uncertainty can hurt the pace of recovery.

“Some of the things that go on in Washington create uncertainty rather than eliminate uncertainty…. unnecessary uncertainty.”

All the speakers who came to nmsu came to talk about economics…looks at the world a couple different ways. One is macroeconomics and that looks at the world from the top down. On the other hand, microeconomics looks at the world on the ground.

That’s where Jerry Pacheco is working…on the ground with businesses in Santa Teresa. He’s the director at the International Business Accelerator there.

“The first time I went to Santa Teresa I was in college…took a dirt road…got lost in the middle of the desert and ended up at a barbed wire fence which was the border back in 1988, 1989.”

Pacheco is working to coordinate a master plan to develop — and integrate both sides of the border.

“We’re gonna try to do a border development correctly…avoiding bad sprawl…. cooperate on both sides…to go get infrastructure.”

He says including plans for people to live — and not just work — in that area will make it unique.

“That’s not being done anywhere else on the U.S. Mexico border and from what we’ve seen, nowhere else in the world.”

But work — and enough of it — is still important according to Mark Wynne of the Federal Reserve.

“I think job security…I think we’ve figured out how to keep inflation in check back down to normal level.”

“…Created by businessmen and women…tax policy regulatory policy going forward.”

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