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Uploaded by KRWGnews on Dec 9, 2011. 12.12.11 (LAS CRUCES) — As we prepare to celebrate New Mexico’s Centennial, the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces unveils a new exhibit showcasing the state’s rich history.

There are a lot of things curator Cameron Saffell wants visitors to learn about the Land of Enchantment.

“This exhibit is a large part, a commemoration, a little bit of a thinking exhibit, thinking about the long journey it took for New Mexico to become a state and then seeing what New Mexico has done in its first hundred years,” he said.

New Mexico’s Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum is celebrating New Mexico’s statehood with the largest collection of memorabilia from the past.

“New Mexico is a historical land of extreme diversity, not just in the last one hundred years but going back to the early American Indians of the Southwest. There’s a very large extensive documented history here, the history of New Mexico with the Europeans goes back to James town on the east coast so there’s a lot here,” he said.

There are close to one hundred license plates on display, at least one plate for every year New Mexico produced one, a 10-foot hand made banner celebrating the first fifty years and the 100th anniversary poster, painted by artist Ronald Kil. There’s also posters of the films shot on location through out New Mexico.

“Filmmaking in New Mexico goes back quite a long ways. One of the earliest moving picture films like Thomas Edison was actually an Indian Pueblo School in Northern New Mexico and there have been making films for over a hundred years,” he said.

There’s also a tribute to President William Howard Taft who signed New Mexico into statehood. “He had some questions on how state constitution were set up for both New Mexico and Arizona, but once he had those issues resolved in his mind, he was very comfortable making both of them states,” he said.

The Centennial of New Mexico statehood exhibit at the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum runs through September 2012.

Reported by Carlos Correa

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