KRWG News: Recycle Rally


From: KRWGnews. 10.11.11 (LAS CRUCES) — Area students are learning the correct way of staying green. It involves a lot of music and games.

Las Cruces High School dance students are bringing young people together.

“That’s the music that gets these kids all excited and gets us all excited and makes it great fun,” said Suzanne Michaels, who helped coordinated the recycle rally.

The lesson is recycling where the Las Cruces Public Schools recently adopted a formal recycling policy making 40 of its schools focused on being green.

“And the last 14 schools are being brought on board and what we want to do is come into the schools, get the kids all excited and fired up about recycling and teach them what’s recyclable and what’s not,” she said.

Students from Valley View Elementary School are taking part in a recycling rally where they learn everything there’s to know about the proper ways to recycle.

“They know its good for the Earth and I think it makes sense to them, instead throwing it in the trash and another recycle bin, I think that have this intuitive sense that they know it goes back for re-use,” said Craig Fenske, coordinator for Keep Las Cruces Beautiful.

Coordinators say its important to empty and make sure containers in the recycle bins are always clean. They say staying green can be easy, but it does take time and hard work.

“The right thing to do is to recycle and we’re trying to explain them how to recycle right and we know the kids get excited about it and they take it back home to their families and to their neighborhoods,” he said.

Reported by Carlos Correa.

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