KRWG News: Sen. Bingaman Hosts Student Leadership Institute


Uploaded by KRWGnews on Feb 22, 2012. 02.23.12 (LAS CRUCES) — Leadership is a skill students learn inside the classroom and for many high school students in New Mexico, they’re getting the chance to work with a teacher that has a long history of public service.

Kevin Perez is getting a better understanding of how public policy works.

“Let’s you like open your spaces of what is out there, meet new people, learn new stuff and just conversate with everyone else,” he said.

He’s taking part in a student leadership institute hosted by United States Senator Jeff Bingaman.

“I believe that not many people know what’s going on, more people are just focused into just high school stuff, like just being around friends, but once they get out there it’s going to be a shock, but I think its good to be aware what’s going on now to be prepared for the future,” said Perez.

Students discuss and debate topics such as healthcare, the environment and ways to advance economic growth.

“It’s a real good opportunity for us as a leader of our school, also as a student to learn how to be a leader and in life,” said student Natalie Viramontes.

Senator Bingaman’s top policy advisers work with students as they gain knowledge of the issues current politicians face in Washington.

“The main idea is not to educate them as much as it’s to peak their interest and hopefully get them focused on public policy and possibly on a career and public service,” said Bingaman.

Many of the students are part of the governing board at their respected schools and are able to use some of what they learn inside the classroom.

“I think the students that take the time to come to the seminar are and it’s not everybody but I think, hopefully we’ll pick out the ones that have an interest and nourish that,” said Bingaman.

Reported by Carlos Correa.

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