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Uploaded by KRWGnews on Sep 12, 2011: 9.13.11 (LAS CRUCES) – At this year’s National Security Tech Conference hosted by the Arrowhead Center’s Technology Incubator, military leaders discussed how small businesses could help with defense energy innovation. KRWG’s Jared Andersen reports.

Dan Hicks, Chief of Staff at White Sands Missile Range spoke to a crowd at the National Security Tech Conference at the Las Cruces Conventions Center. Hicks says twice a year soldiers test new technologies at White Sands Missile Range to find out if they can be used in combat areas like Afghanistan or Iraq.

Hicks Explains, “Where a whole brigade set of soldiers will take these new technologies and go out into the field and utilize them and demonstrate them, and get some test data on their performance.”

According to Hicks the tests give small companies an opportunity to test new, more energy efficient equipment soldiers can use when they’re deployed.

Hicks says, “Looking at new technology in forward operating bases on fuel efficiency techniques for generators, looking at fuel cells, more efficient fuel cells and getting them tested.

They can come check it and test these new techniques in a realistic environment well before we deploy those new capabilities with the soldiers.”

Hicks contends right now is a great opportunity for businesses to work with the military to try and help the Department of Defense reduce its energy consumption.

Hicks says, “Because the budgets are so tight in the Department of Defense it’s kind of we’re more reliant on some of these small business and entrepreneurial spirit to be able to say hey here is still a need that the Department of Defense has here is still a critical gap and shortfall that we have, we don’t really have the ability to go off and fund scientists and do some of the R&D ourselves so that leaves the door open for some small businesses to say hey here is an idea that may help.”

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