Las Cruces Magazine: David Boje

Fall 2009. Retrieved online: February 18, 2010 from Charlotte Tallman, Las Cruces Magazine

David Boje (Department of Management), Beth O’Leary (Department of Anthropology), Jeremy Smith (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry), and Sue Forster-Cox (Department of Health Science) are featured in Las Cruces Magazine’s Fall 2009 issue.

David Boje

We could all learn a few things from Dr. David Boje, including the results from years of research that taught David how to take a narrative which is negative, distorted or unfair and find a more truthful and affirmative alternative.

What David discovered has impacted businesses, entrepreneurs, students and public administration in an increasingly positive way.

“As a university leader, I am provocative, and try to stand up for the underdog,” says David, who holds an Endowed Bank of America Professorship within the College of Business at New Mexico State University. “I do what is called critical storytelling, where I seek to balance the official narratives of power with the living stories of the little people – often left out of history.”

David’s research and work is vast, creative and utilized around the world and his reputation in academia and industry is widely known throughout the United States and internationally. As an international scholar in the areas of narrative, storytelling, postmodern theory and critical ethics of answerability, David has published nearly 100 articles in journals, including Management Science, Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review and the International Journal of Organization Studies. David has also been awarded prestigious titles, including an Arthur Owens Professorship in Business Administration in the Management Department at NMSU, University and College Teacher of the Year four times at Loyola Marymount and a Creative Scholar Award at NMSU in 2008.

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