LCSN: Domenici: Cooperation key in health-care reform debate

September 17, 2009. Retrieved online September 17, 2009 from Diana M. Alba, Las Cruces Sun-News

Domenici: Cooperation key in health-care reform debate

LAS CRUCES – Former U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., said Wednesday successful health-care reform will hinge on a key factor: cooperation.

“If you start it out with a bipartisan approach – where you put a committee together and you didn’t present a Democrat bill to be worked on by Republicans – you let the joint bipartisan staff start writing it, and joint bipartisan members to start working on it, I believe it would be a completely different bill than what we’re talking about,” said Domenici, speaking to a small group of reporters at New Mexico State University.

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