LC Bulletin: $1.25 million to study ethics

January 22, 2010. Retrieved online: January 25, 2010 from Gabriel Vasquez, Las Cruces Bulletin

Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s ethical.

That’s one of the messages the dean of the College of Business at New Mexico State University wants to relay to students as part of a new program to strengthen ethics education within the department.

Garrey Carruthers, former New Mexico governor and now dean of the business college at NMSU, is spearheading a Daniels Fund initiative to design and implement a new ethics education program at the university.

“We are directing this to our young people, so they can begin to develop a culture of ethical consciousness that they will carry with them through life,” he said.

As part of NMSU’s participation in the program, the Daniels Fund will give the university a $1.25 million grant, paid over five years, for the active engagement of students in the field.

“The big difference right now,” Carruthers said, “is that we’re required by our accrediting agency to teach ethics one of two ways as part our general course curriculum. What this (program) will probably lead to, is the development of actual courses in ethics offered by the College of Business.”

Drawing from the life of cable television pioneer and former New Mexico resident Bill Daniels, the Daniels Fund ethics program aims to create a more ethic-conscious business community in the Southwest, and eventually, all 50 states. Daniels was widely recognized in his time for his ethics and integrity in business.

“In his business career, he was always extremely ethical,” Carruthers said. “Hehad a series of principles that he lived by. When he passed away, he left north of $1 billion in a foundation.”

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