LC Bulletin: NMSU to host forum on the economy

February 8, 2013. Retrieved online February 11, 2013 from Alta LeCompte, Las Cruces Bulletin

Conference set for Feb. 21

Jim Peach, New Mexico State University economics professor, won’t produce a crystal ball during his Thursday, Feb. 21, presentation at the College of Business Economic Outlook Conference.

He doubts his partner on the dais, Eugenio Alemán of Wells Fargo & Co., will, either. But both will bring to their presentations facts and insights to help Las Crucens better understand the economic context in which business deci­sions will be made.

The conference from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the Health and Social Services Auditorium on the NMSU campus will be its second annual held in southern New Mexico.

Peach is regents professor of economics and international business. He holds a doc­toral degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Alemán, senior economist and vice president of Wells Fargo, holds a doctoral degree from Florida International University. Both economists include Mexico among their areas of expertise.

They intend to discuss historical trends that could affect the events of 2013.

The audience will include guests of Wells Fargo and students and alumni of the NMSU College of Business.

NMSU College of Business Dean Garrey Carruthers said both Wells Fargo and the university want the event will grow in the way the annual Domenici Public Policy Conference has evolved.

He said there’s great chemistry between the two preeminent economists, both of whom have “a great sense of what a popular audience wants to hear.”

“It’s great fun,” Peach said of the event. “Last year I had not met my Wells Fargo part­ner until five minutes before we went on stage, but our presentations dovetailed very nicely. The banter back and forth between us was swell.” His banter belies the assertion economics is the dismal science, but his comments contain a note of dark humor. “If the sequester goes through, we’re toast,” he said of the federally dependent New Mexico economy.

Carruthers said Wells Fargo has shown a “real interest” in work­ing with NMSU, which has two sources of dialogue with outside experts.

One source is a bank such as Wells Fargo that is committed to bringing in their top people, and the other is the Federal Reserve Bank of El Paso and occasionally Dallas, he said.

To register online and print a free parking pass, go to or call Judy Wetzel at 521-6849 by Friday,

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