LCSN: Couture says she’s no ‘institution-hopper’

November 5, 2009. Retrieved online November 5, 2009 from Amanda L. Husson, Las Cruces Sun-News

LAS CRUCES – The second of five finalists in the New Mexico State University presidential search to visit the campus described herself as anything but an institution-hopper.

Barbara Couture, senior vice chancellor for academic affairs and a professor of English at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, said she knows the NMSU community is concerned about the turnover in recent years and looking for strong and stable leadership.

“I think president’s a different kind of position. A president becomes more related with the community and is building not only the university, but also the community as well – and that takes a long-term commitment,” Couture said during a news conference Wednesday at NMSU. “My intention is to stay and help build this institution.”

Couture is in her sixth year as chief academic officer at UNL.

NMSU isn’t the only school considering Couture for its presidency. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale announced Monday that Couture is one of two finalists for the chancellor’s position there. Couture will visit SIU-Carbondale next week.

Couture noted that the decision-making process is a two-way street.

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