LCSN: Las Crucen competes in ‘American Ninja Warrior’

August 16, 2013. Retrieved online August 16, 2013 from Matlin Smith. Former Sun-News intern Jocelyn Apodaca contributed to this report. Las Cruces Sun-News. Copyright 2013, Las Cruces Sun-News, reprinted with permission.

College of Business Editor’s Note: Jose Rodriguez (class of 2008) is a co-founder of ROJO Ink along with COB alum Aron Jones (class of 2009). Both have double majors from the college: Jose has degrees in finance and economics; Aron has degrees in marketing and leadership management. Their business mission is to help those facing extreme poverty while creating awareness about poverty issues. Read about their business history and mission at Rojo Ink

Jose Rodriguez. (Courtesy photo)

Jose Rodriguez. (Courtesy photo)

LAS CRUCES >> He could be a super-athlete, or just a glutton for punishment, but either way, one Las Crucen recently put himself through one of the most physically demanding athletic trials, and the nation will soon be able to watch him do it.

Local man Jose Rodriguez pushed himself to the mental and physical limits during his stint on the nationally televised show, “American Ninja Warrior,” aired by networks G4 and NBC.

During this season’s premiere on G4 in July, Rodriguez ran the gauntlet of obstacles set up as the focal point of the show, and passed through the first stage, making it to the regional finals in Denver, Colo. The show airs at 8 p.m. MDT time on Aug. 19.

“What gets me excited is seeing how much it means to other people and the sense of pride that people express that someone from Las Cruces is competing in Ninja Warrior,” Rodriguez said. “I did not expect that it would be such a big deal to so many people.”

In Las Cruces, Rodriguez helped found and runs Rojo Ink, a T-shirt printing company that uses proceeds from the T-Shirt sales to help people in extreme poverty.

“This is my passion and I love the work,” he said. “I grew up ranching, so I think I will always be a small-town kid at heart.”

…Rodriguez said he doesn’t know if his full run will be aired on Aug. 19, but said there is a “good chance” they will show clips of his time competing to be an American Ninja Warrior.

To watch, tune in at 8 p.m. MDT to DirecTV channel 15, and on Comcast channel 9.

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