LCSN: NMSU’s Creative Media Institute goes beyond entertainment

July 13, 2013. Retrieved online July 15, 2013 from Tonya Suther, Las Cruces Sun-News

[Editor’s note: Excerpts follow]

CMI is using the skill and creativity of movie-making techniques to make difference.

“Virtually everybody is doing something, or has done something, because we have the apparatus the other departments don’t have,” said Mark Medoff, Tony Award-winning playwright, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, award-winning film director and distinguished achievement professor in the College of Arts and Sciences. “We have the ability to make what is the medium of the hour – film and video, things to put on social media, YouTube, theaters and television.”

“Making these training videos has been very rewarding,” Fowler said. “One of NMSU’s central tenets is service, and this opportunity was a great one for us to do something that will hopefully help the community. We’re excited about the prestige the videos and awards bring to CMI, SWIFCA and NMSU, and for our students who worked on the videos to share the award with us.”

CMI is involved in a number of other community outreach efforts….

A series of six ethics videos, commissioned by the state of New Mexico and the Daniels Foundation, are also in the works at CMI. The films will be distributed online to all state employees with the intention of delivering them to employees in Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Arizona and Texas.

Phillip Lewis, professor of digital media and the film’s producer, writer and co-director, was named a Daniels Fellow for the project and recently finished the first film.

“I designed an interactive video environment that challenged viewers to answer questions about behaviors they saw in a series of videos,” Lewis said. “I presented it to them, and it turned out they liked the idea.”

The project is in collaboration with Bruce Huhmann, associate professor in the College of Business, and CMI alumni Oscar Zamora and Sam Sandoval, who worked with Lewis on a previous project. Sandoval is co-directing with Lewis, and the second film in the series will be shot in September.

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