LCSN: NMSU’s new president hits the ground running

January 10, 2010. Retrieved online: January 11, 2010 from Amanda L. Husson, Las Cruces Sun-News

LAS CRUCES – Barbara Couture hit the ground running during her first week as New Mexico State University’s 25th president, meeting administrators, faculty, staff, legislators and many of the other people who make up NMSU’s statewide community.

Having left snowy Lincoln, Neb., just after Christmas – only to be greeted in Las Cruces by more snow – she and her husband, Paul, are venturing out, attending Aggie basketball games and sampling a bit of the local cuisine.

Couture looked surprisingly unfrazzled at the end of a busy week when she took some time Friday afternoon to talk with the Sun-News about her experiences so far and her plans for the next five years at NMSU.

Sun-News: Are you and Paul all moved in and settled?

Couture: We are moved in. (laughs) We’re not quite settled yet. I think the movers told us we have 470 boxes that we brought with us, so it took a little bit of time to get those unloaded, and we put a little bit in storage, but that’s just fine. The house is beautiful. The staff did a wonderful job of making it sparkle, so when we moved in it was beautiful … and there were a few pansies that were planted out front and even though it was snowing, it was nice to see the flowers in the middle of winter.

S-N: Now that you’ve been here for more than just a brief visit, what are your impressions of NMSU so far?

Couture: Well, my impressions are that the faculty and staff here are very dedicated to making this university successful. One example of that … I came to a reception on Monday, which was supposed to be just for a few staff, and numerous faculty and department heads showed up at that reception, and I know that was very early in the year – they don’t all need to be there on that very first day – and showed how eager they were to greet me and be part of the future success of the university.

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