LCSN: PROFILE: NMSU prof studies how the Internet has changed marketing and advertising

November 23, 2009. Retrieved online November 23, 2009 from Brook Stockberger, Las Cruces Sun-News

LAS CRUCES — Bruce Huhmann knows it is a very dynamic time to be studying marketing and advertising. The Internet has changed all the rules.

“We are in the midst of a big shift, but eventually there will be another side where the Internet will become established and the ground rules will be set,” said Huhmann, 42, an associate professor at New Mexico State University’s Department of Marketing.

He compares the Internet age to the dawn of automobiles. The Internet infancy, mostly the 1990s, has passed, but there is still plenty of growth on the way.

“We’re at the stage of Henry Ford and of building other businesses on top of the Internet,” Huhmann said. “Much like there were drive-thrus and drive-ins and innovations with the automobile.”

He pointed to social Web sites and services like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter that continue to change how the Internet is utilized.

“But we’ll reach a state where the Internet is established,” he said. “There’ll be something else that will be the new disruptive force and attention.”

Despite the fast pace of change, Huhmann said rumors of the death of advertising are greatly exaggerated.

“Advertising is really just letting people know about products, and there is a persuasive aspect, of course,” he said. “People who say that advertising is dead are wrong.”

Still, the old modes and ways have been supplanted.

“Advertising is in a huge transition,” he said. “For a long time the technology was all set. (Ads) had been established for a long time and all the ground rules were set down. Now there’s the Internet and it’s really introduced a whole new set of ad placement opportunities.”

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