New off-campus bookstore to give students more options, cheaper prices for fall semester

April 30, 2009 by Korey Middleton Original Round Up article

For the first time in NMSU history, the bookstore will have something it’s never had before: competition.

Campus Bookstores, based out of Fayettville, Ark., will be opening an off-campus bookstore at the Pan-Am plaza and should be up and running by fall 2009.

“We offer significantly lower prices,” storeowner and general manager Cody Miller said.

The store sells primarily used books, but Miller added that he can save students a tremendous amount of money compared to the campus bookstore.

“A book that the bookstore is selling for $180, I would normally sell for $120,” Miller said. “It helps the economy and helps the students.”

The bookstore met some resistance from administration earlier in the semester when trying to obtain the forms filled out by faculty that request the books they will be using for the upcoming semester. Because Barnes and Noble acquired the bookstore in December 2008, they were no longer required to keep a database of the request forms.

“The legal counsel wasn’t for it,” Miller said. “But the faculty is excited for it.”

Although the off-campus store can provide lower prices, Miller doesn’t predict the presence of the off-campus store will lower prices of the NMSU bookstore.

“They get state funding and financial aid, so they can set their prices and keep them at those set prices,” Miller said. “They’re not much for competing, but we are. We love to compete against Barnes and Noble.”

Miller said the store is a full-service store that will save students a lot of time and hassle when buying their books. A student presents the employees with their schedule and the employees pull the books for the student.

“You can be in and out of our store in five minutes,” Miller said.

The off-campus bookstore also has a reserve system where students can reserve their books online by presenting their schedule. The store will then pull the books and reserve them until the student picks them up.

The campus bookstore also provides job opportunities for students.

“I hire students at the beginning and at the end of each semester,” Miller said. ” It gives them job experience and puts a little bit of extra money in their pockets.”

The store will be one of several independently owned stores across the nation. Miller said he is only in business for one thing.

“I’m going to save students money,” Miller said.

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