@NMSU: AggieVision keeps fans and alumni in touch, provides invaluable experience to students

November 10, 2009 by Tony Reyes @NMSU the online newsletter for NMSU staff and faculty

AggieVision has become the source on Aggie sports for all fans, students, alumni and faculty. In addition to broadcasting every home sporting event, AggieVision is growing on the Web. Utilizing the Web aspect of broadcasting allows Aggies – wherever they may be – to access the most up-to-date Aggie stats and highlights. In KRWG’s third year of producing the show they have transformed the former coaches’ shows into NMSU Sports Weekly.

One of the most impressive changes was adding additional episodes to extend NMSU Sports Weekly programming until the middle of May. This allows for the shows to cover some of NMSU’s spring sports such as baseball, softball and tennis. The reason for the growth and development of AggieVision can be attributed to the preparation of Executive Director of University Broadcasting Glen Cerny and AggieVision General Manager Joe Brackman.

AggieVision is growing on the Web.

AggieVision is growing on the Web.

Cerny explained some of what goes on behind the scenes and how the filming of NMSU Sports Weekly is planned.

“The current taping schedule for NMSU Sports Weekly really begins about two weeks in advance,” Cerny said. “The AggieVision staff either takes our broadcast footage or shoots highlights from various games to use. Features with coaches or student athletes are created and other packages are prepared.”

Cerny described the schedule in further detail and explained how AggieVision plans to distribute the show.

Cerny said, “Monday morning either the football or basketball interviews are conducted or the wrap-around shots are completed. By Tuesday the program is closed-captioned and on Wednesday it is sent to the satellite for regional distribution. Obviously, it is an ongoing activity for the 30 weeks of production.”

AggieVision currently has four full-time employees and the rest of the crew is students. Brackman talked about some of the experiences former crewmembers have had since working for AggieVision.

“Last year one of our students interned at Fox Sports Arizona. Former students have moved on to opportunities such as ESPN,” Brackman said. “The students that work for AggieVision are getting hands-on, real-world experience in sports broadcasting that they can’t find anywhere else.”

Brackman provided further insight as to what role the Web is playing in the growth of AggieVision.

“AggieVision provides all of their games online (via streaming), and every feature and package gets posted on the AggieVision YouTube channel,” Brackman said. “The shows also get posted to the AggieVision iTunes page. It’s free to subscribe and have clips and updates downloaded to your computer or iPod.”

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