NMSU alum jumps into social media market with HallTalk app


Published on May 18, 2014
A New Mexico State University graduate has developed a social media app that allows users to share photos and videos with others in a unique way.

Lorenzo Stanton, a 2012 NMSU Graduate in Information systems has been working on his computer programming skills since he was twelve years old.

Stanton says he took notice of a trend taking place with social media regarding how people share photos and videos.

“Right now, people are generally opting for the option to having images or videos stay live until someone actually views it, and then it will start to count down,” says Stanton.

That feature is popular with apps like Snapchat. However, Stanton wanted users to have more control on how long their files would stay live, and he also wanted people communicate with other users and connect to hashtags around the world. He soon came up with the idea for his app HallTalk.

“People can follow you and so you can gain popularity that way, and you can add hashtags to the things that you post so then you can broadcast whatever you post to a larger audience,” says Stanton.

Stanton says users can send out their images and videos in HallTalk and decide how long their files are live.

“So right now if I take a random picture of my friends, I can say in five minutes no matter where you are in the world, this image will be gone,” says Stanton.

Stanton started to develop HallTalk in December of last year. To help him further develop the app he received some guidance from the creative business incubator Studio G, part of NMSU’s Arrowhead Center.

Kramer Winingham, Program Manager with the Arrowhead Center says his staff helped Stanton with mentoring and marketing.

“Lorenzo was able to come to us with an app that was pretty much ready to go and we helped him with the final stages of getting it launched. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into business,” says Winingham.

Stanton launched HallTalk in early May. It is now available for download on iTunes.

May 9, 2014 by Samuel Horstman, NMSU News Center

New Mexico State University alum Lorenzo Stanton displays his new social media and picture sharing app, HallTalk, developed and launched with support from the Studio G student business incubator at NMSU’s Arrowhead Center. (NMSU photo by Samuel Horstman)

New Mexico State University alum Lorenzo Stanton displays his new social media and picture sharing app, HallTalk, developed and launched with support from the Studio G student business incubator at NMSU’s Arrowhead Center. (NMSU photo by Samuel Horstman)

One former student at New Mexico State University is giving everybody something to talk about. Lorenzo Stanton has created a new iPhone application through Studio G, the student business incubator at Arrowhead Center, which he hopes will change the ways users communicate with the world.

HallTalk is an app that allows users to share vanishing photos or looping videos with the world, not just selected friends. Users can follow people and hashtags, and will receive content based on what is followed. The app allows users to edit images with captions and filters, and gives the ability draw on the images as well. Users can decide whether the photos or looping videos will count down to vanish once they are opened or when they are sent.

“Social networking is growing and I just wanted to be a part of it,” Stanton said. “I have been programming for many years and have created many different software-related products. I wanted to design something that was fun and created value for many people.”

Stanton, a 2012 NMSU graduate, earned his bachelor’s degree in information systems and developed HallTalk in four months. He is currently employed with the university, developing apps in the Learning Games Lab.

“The app, is in some ways, similar to Snapchat,” he said. “I believe this is a new demographic of users with new opportunities. This is to Snapchat what Twitter is to Facebook. This is not a copycat or competing app.”

The app was launched on May 4 through support from Studio G, the first university student business incubator in New Mexico.

“Studio G has a great network and has provided me with a lot of valuable support, insights and services,” Stanton said.

Studio G was created in 2011 to develop energized, connected and creative student startup companies. NMSU students and alumni who graduated in the last five years may apply to Studio G.

“Lorenzo is a very talented programmer,” said Kramer Winingham, a program manager for Arrowhead Center who helps students start businesses through Studio G. “He came to Studio G with a nearly completed app. We gave him opportunities to test his app and connect with mentors to help navigate the process of launching the app. We’re excited to see how the app does and continue working with Lorenzo.”

The HallTalk app is free and available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/halltalk/id862942422?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4.

“There are a lot of apps out there that provide various ways to connect,” Stanton said. “My hope for this app is for it to be a place where you don’t feel like you need to take an impressive picture or feel embarrassed because you take too many ‘selfies.’”

Stanton added that if HallTalk gains popularity, he will work on making it available on other platforms.

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