NMSU Business Outlook: April 2010

Cross Cultural Leadership

Mansour Javidan, Thunderbird, the Gavin School of International Management; Peter W. Dorfman, NMSU; Mary Sully deLuque, Thunderbird, the Gavin School of International Management; and Robert J. House, University of Pennsylvania

This article is adapted from an article by the authors that appeared in the Academy of Management Perspective in February 2006 under the title In the Eye of the Beholder: Cross Cultural Lessons in Leadership from Project GLOBE.

Global leadership has been identified as a critical success factor for large multinational corporations. While there is much writing on the topic, most seems to be either general advice (i.e., being open minded and respectful of other cultures) or very specific information about a particular country based on a limited case study (do not show the soles of your shoes when seated as a guest in an Arab country). Both kinds of information are certainly useful, but limited from both theoretical and practical viewpoints on how to lead in a foreign country.

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Marketing Research Tips for Business Managers

Michael R. Hyman, Stan Fulton Chair of Marketing, New Mexico State University and Jeremy J. Sierra, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Texas State University-San Marcos

The tips we offer here are meant to improve your efficacy as a marketing research user and/or doer, to enhance the value of your research program, and to reinforce the wisdom of inviting your constituents into your research process.

Complete Article: Marketing Research Tips for Business Managers

Talking Points

Christopher A. Erickson and James Libbin

Complete Article: Talking Points

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