NMSU Business Outlook: April 2015

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Mike Hyman, Executive Editor

Testimonials as a Tool for Catphishing

Sarah Fischbach, California Lutheran University

Using testimonials in marketing campaigns is common business practice. Research on testimonial use has been around for a while, incorporating the findings of trust and congruency into marketing campaigns and online webpages. However, the use of ‘catphishing’ in testimonial development is a new topic that needs addressing, as new forms of native ads become part of everyday life.

Complete Article: Testimonials as a Tool for Catphishing

Gift or Graft?

Paul Biderman, J.D., UNM (retired); Bruce Huhmann, Ph.D., NMSU

Jake worked for a bureau of a state agency that inspected restaurants for health and safety. He also liked to dine out and knew which establishments to avoid. One day, he decided to take his family out to a restaurant he knew always passed his inspections with flying colors.

Complete Article: Gift or Graft?

Marketing Research Tutorial

Marketing Research Process: Six Stages

Dr. Michael R. Hyman, NMSU; Dr. Jeremy J. Sierra, Texas State University

Correctly conducted marketing research requires careful attention to intricacies. Think of marketing research as a chain only as strong as its weakest link, where those links are stages in a process.

Complete Article: Marketing Research Process: Six Stages

News & Notes

Center for Public Utilities at NMSU

Dr. Douglas Gegax, Director; Dr. Larry Blank, Associate Director
Interviewer: Ms. Alena Kostyk, NMSU

The Center for Public Utilities (CPU) is a branch of the College of Business at New Mexico State University that serves the needs of stakeholders in the electricity, natural gas distribution, interstate pipeline, telecommunications, and water utility industries. The faculty working in the CPU have decades of hands-on experience in the regulatory arena. The CPU strives to keep industry and commissions in tune with ever-changing market realities and challenging regulatory policies.

Complete Article: Center for Public Utilities at NMSU

Talking Points

Dr. Christopher A. Erickson, NMSU

The legislative session ended March 21 without passing a capital outlay budget, leaving a proposed $264 million in unfunded infrastructure projects. Every $1 in construction spending generates roughly $2 in economic activity, so the failure to pass the capital outlay budget reduces economic activity by roughly half a billion dollars. This translates into roughly 5,500 fewer jobs.

Complete Article: Talking Points

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