NMSU Business Outlook: December 2013

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Is There a New Mexico Brain Drain?

Dr. Jim Peach, NMSU
Mr. David Saucedo de la Fuente, NMSU

A brain drain is said to occur when highly educated and highly skilled people leave their native region to pursue opportunities elsewhere. Discussion and analysis of a brain drain and its consequences usually occur in an international context, but in a large nation such as the United States it may be useful to examine the migration of the highly educated from one region to another. Data from the American Community Survey (U.S. Bureau of the Census) are used below to address the question of whether or not New Mexico is experiencing a brain drain.

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A Changing of the Guard

Dr. Chris Erickson, NMSU
This month represents a transition for the New Mexico Business Outlook, which is changing its name to New Mexico State University Business Outlook and getting a new editor.

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Talking Points

Dr. Christopher A. Erickson, NMSU
The government shutdown, as expected, had a negative impact on the local economy. Employment, according to the Household survey, declined in Las Cruces by 2.1 percent. Statewide employment crept up a tiny 0.2 per cent, which ranks New Mexico 4th slowest in employment growth among the 50 states.

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