NMSU Business Outlook: December 2014

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Mike Hyman, Executive Editor

Effectiveness of Memory Test and Listening Practice versus Traditional Lectures

Dr. Robin T. Peterson, NMSU, and Dr. Pranee Koojaroenpaisan, Chiang Mai University

We outline an innovative experiential learning exercise—meant to improve students’ listening ability — that entails a memory test and listening practice. We also describe a study undertaken to compare the effectiveness of this method versus traditional lecture. Study results suggest the experiential method is superior.

Complete Article: Effectiveness of Memory Test and Listening Practice versus Traditional Lectures

Virtuous Core Values Don’t Guarantee Business Success

Dr. Grant C. Aguirre, University of Central Oklahoma, and Dr. Michael R. Hyman, NMSU

Aristotle believed that virtue was the middle path or Golden Mean between polar opposites. In thinking about measures of virtue ethics, two companies—Malden Mills and Philip Morris—provide excellent frames of reference.

Complete Article: Virtuous Core Values Don’t Guarantee Business Success

News & Notes

From the Editor: Interesting Articles You May Have Missed

Dr. Michael R. Hyman, NMSU
Can’t find enough to read online? Here are links to interesting articles — many posted on NMSU’s KRWG website — that you may have missed during the last month.

Complete Article: Interesting Articles You May Have Missed

Talking Points

Dr. Christopher A. Erickson, NMSU

Statewide employment appears to be on the rebound, up a strong 1.1% compared to one year ago. Falling oil prices continue to be a major theme for New Mexico’s economy. Oil exploration is likely to slacken, creating negative consequences for oil patch employment. Forecasts for state revenue increases were downgraded from $200 million to $80 million. Although not a budget disaster, it will make the upcoming legislative session more stressful.

Complete Article: Talking Points

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