NMSU Business Outlook: February 2012

Anthropomorphic Responses to Logos

Collin Payne, Michael R. Hyman, Mihai Niculescu, and Bruce Huhmann

Consumers have a natural tendency to anthropomorphize; that is, they attribute human-like characteristics to objects. This includes the logos of collegiate football and basketball teams, which frequently depict animals, objects, spokes-characters, and stylized letters. The question is, does anthropomorphizing influence consumers’ purchase intentions for associated services (such as game-day attendance) and emblazoned goods (such as a team jacket or t-shirt)? This is far from a trivial matter, as annual sales for goods with collegiate logos alone are $4.0 billion.

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When the Hand that Feeds Bites: Exploring Claims by Employers Against Employees

Matthew Holt

For years, case law involving employment claims largely involved employees suing employers. During the last decade, in an example of turnabout, employers have sued their employees-or former employees-with increasingly frequency. For example, U.S Card Partner Services, Inc. filed suit against an employee, Drew Scopelliti, claiming that he had misrepresented his qualifications and had performed poorly. U.S. Card Partner Services v. Scopelliti is somewhat unusual because the case was initiated by the employer. More typically, such claims against employees are brought as counterclaims, perhaps under the theory that the best defense is a good offense.

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Talking Points

Christopher A. Erickson and James Libbin

The state economy appears to have finally turned the corner, with modest but solid growth near one percent. But the data for Las Cruces is more mixed. Las Cruces growth, as measured by the household survey, is barely positive, but it is negative according to the establishment survey. Meanwhile, natural gas prices, a major determinant of tax revenue for the state, are down more than 40%.

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