NMSU Business Outlook: January 2014

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Mike Hyman, Executive Editor

Ignore Gender When Choosing a CEO?

Miss Yang Feng, NMSU
Dr. Carl E. Enomoto, NMSU

Gender stereotypes, such as male leaders being more aggressive and female leaders using more participative management styles, have persisted in the popular media. Do female CEOs connect more on a personal level with their employees and lay off fewer workers when their company faces declining demand. To answer this question, we analyzed data for matching Fortune 500 companies with a female CEO and a male CEO. We found CEO gender was unrelated to layoffs or labor use efficiency during an economic downturn.

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A Common Managerial Error: Looking at Only Some Facts

Dr. Robin T. Peterson, NMSU

Ask any senior manager what it takes to be a successful manager and the answer is likely to be ‘good decision-making’. Managers base most of their decisions on accounting and other kinds of business information as well as on intuition or ‘common sense’. However, they may misinterpret this business information or their intuition may be incorrect. Fortunately, managers can reduce error incidence by avoiding logic mistakes. One common class of such mistakes is the failure to consider all the facts needed to make a sound decision.

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Recommended by Our Faculty and Graduate Students

If you’re interested in our faculty’s and graduate students’ suggestions for worthwhile books, articles, movies, television programs, podcasts, radio broadcasts, and the like, here’s the place.

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Talking Points

Dr. Christopher A. Erickson, NMSU

New Mexico continues to experience a stagnant economy. Employment growth in November was 0.2%, ranking New Mexico 48th among the 50 states for job growth, according to the establishment survey. Meanwhile, Las Cruces employment growth has moved into the positive, growing at 0.4%.

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