NMSU Business Outlook: January 2015

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Mike Hyman, Executive Editor

Libertarian Paternalism and Ethically Problematic Naturalistic Inquiry

Dr. Michael R. Hyman, NMSU; Dr. Grant C. Aguirre, University of Central Oklahoma

Libertarian paternalism—a term introduced in the book Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness (2008) to characterize social scientists’ efforts to tweak human behavior—assumes people operate in overly complex choice environments that discourage error-free decision-making. To overcome people’s cognitive deficits, choice architects — a suspect value-neutral moniker — “make the easiest choice the one that is the best for the decider….while providing others…if the decider is so inclined.”

Complete Article: Libertarian Paternalism and Ethically Problematic Naturalistic Inquiry

Historical Cases in Business Courses

Dr. Robin T. Peterson, NMSU; Ms. Lakshmi Govindarajulu

We discuss the creation of and potential benefits of developing and using historical cases in business courses.

Complete Article: Historical Cases in Business Courses

News & Notes

From the Editor: Interesting Articles You May Have Missed

Dr. Michael R. Hyman, NMSU
Can’t find enough to read online? Here are links to interesting articles — many posted on NMSU’s KRWG website — that you may have missed during the last month.

Interesting Articles You May Have Missed

Talking Points

Dr. Christopher A. Erickson, NMSU

The legislative session starts January 20th. Both Governor Martinez and the Legislative Finance Committee are forecasting a revenue increase of $141 million from the previous year, which assumes oil prices of $66 per barrel. Current oil prices hover around $50 per barrel. Should this persist, there will be no new money for FY 2016.

Complete Article: Talking Points

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