NMSU Business Outlook: June 2011

Adjusting Prices for Externalities: Part 3 of 3

Suzenne Conner, PhD student, NMSU; Michael R. Hyman, Stan Fulton Professor of Marketing, NMSU

A cradle-to-grave pricing approach would include “impacts along the entire continuum of a product’s life from raw material extraction, through manufacturing, distribution and transportation, use, recycle, and ultimately to final disposal.”

Complete Article: Adjusting Prices for Externalities: Part 3 of 3

Is Rapid Inflation a Good Idea?

Christopher A. Erickson

A long-standing policy recommendation by economists is for Central Banks to pursue policies of slow, predictable inflation. Such action was though best to ensure stable economic growth over the long haul. But the current financial crisis has shaken faith in this policy.

Complete Article: Is Rapid Inflation a Good Idea?

Talking Points

Christopher A. Erickson and James Libbin

Complete Article: Talking Points

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