NMSU Business Outlook: June 2013

Tribes as Separate Sovereigns

Gavin Clarkson, New Mexico State University

As the newly formed United States began its inexorable march westward, it developed an insatiable appetite for more land. Unfortunately, the Indians occupied the desired land. To satisfy western expansion goals, the Indian lands usually were not taken by force but were instead ceded to the United States by treaty in return for, among other things, the establishment of a trust relationship. The federal government thus assumed a guardian-ward relationship with the Indians. This relationship was assumed not only because of prevailing racist notions of Indian societal inferiority but also because the trust relationship often was consideration for the Indians’ relinquishment of land.

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Age as a Moderator of Attitude Towards Technology in the Workplace

Steven M. Elias, New Mexico State University, William L. Smith, New Mexico State University and Chet E. Barney, New Mexico State University

We examine the relationships that exist between attitude toward technology in the workplace and motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic) and overall job satisfaction as mediated by age. This question is of particular interest as the work force ages. It’s frequently been noted that the attitudes of Xers and Boomers are galaxies apart as Xers were born in the fast lane of the information super highway. We wanted our study to elucidate the potential disparity between Baby Boomers (growing up without technology) and Gen X (growing up with emerging technology).

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Talking Points

Christopher A. Erickson

A pattern is developing. New Mexico continues to see expansion of employment growth, although still slower than the national economy. The story for Las Cruces is more mixed. Employment grew according to the household survey, but fell according to the establishment survey for the second month.

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