NMSU Business Outlook: March 2010

Brand Response: Effects of Perceived Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Jeremy J. Sierra, Texas State University-San Marcos; Nina Compton, New Mexico State University; Kellilynn M. Frias-Gutierrez, University of Arizona

Sexual harassment is a serious social dilemma that negatively affects individuals, organizations, and society. Since 1986, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized sexual harassment as being illegal; nonetheless, over the past ten years, reported incidents of workplace sexual harassment have increased dramatically.

Complete Article: Brand Response: Effects of Perceived Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Utility Rate Hikes in Las Cruces

Kevin McNelis

Las Cruces Utilities (LCU) provides water, wastewater, solid waste, and natural gas utilities to the residents of the City and to a few customers outside of the City. For accounting purposes, LCU is set up as four separate enterprise funds (one or each of the four utilities). LCU is financially independent from the City’s general fund. Each utility must generate revenues from rates charged its customers adequate to accommodate debt service, operation and maintenance and all other associated costs necessary for the provision of each of those utilities.

Complete Article: Utility Rate Hikes in Las Cruces

Talking Points

Christopher A. Erickson and James Libbin

Complete Article: Talking Points

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