NMSU Business Outlook: March 2012

Learning and lifelong learning in business schools: A marketing educator’s perspective

Gerry Hampton, NMSU Department of Marketing; Suzanne Conner, NMSU Ph.D Student; Marco Wolf, Southern Mississippi State University

Student learning and learning to learn, or lifelong learning, are important educational issues. As marketing educators, ensuring that students acquire the skills necessary to learn and become lifelong learners is one of our most critical education endeavors. We explore the meaning of learning and lifelong learning in business schools and suggest a curriculum students need to be developed into lifelong learners. It appears the notions of learning and lifelong learning have not been explored in the marketing domain. To address this issue, a number of questions seem pertinent. What is learning in professional schools of business? What is required to develop lifelong learners? How is learning and lifelong learning associated with marketing education?

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Community Development and Financial Institutions

Michael G. Ellis, Department of Economics, New Mexico State University

The origins of financial institutions being enticed to participate in planned community development activities dates back to the Johnson administration’s War on Poverty in 1964. These activities were “place based” in that the Equal Opportunity Act in that same year attempted to ensure that lower income people could afford to buy their own homes. The Federal Government enticed financial institutions to relax their requirements in specific geographic areas and for specific populations so that home ownership would rise. It wasn’t long before the health effects of these real estate oriented policies became apparent. People who owned homes contracted fewer expensive-to-treat diseases than their homeless colleagues. This improved-health trend was especially true for children who lived in those homes. We can draw two conclusions from the many subsequent studies of these health gains.

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Talking Points

Christopher A. Erickson and James Libbin

Benchmark revisions released last week by the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions resulted in a revised picture for last year’s Las Cruces economy. As it turns out, Las Cruces gained jobs rather than lost jobs.

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